Maximize Quality of Fresh Fish with Sub-Chilling™
Keep fish chilled, ice free and fresh for longer with the
original, patented SUB-CHILLING™ technology
A New Way to Preserve Fresh Fish
Skaginn 3X’s sub-chilling method has revolutionized the preservation of fresh fish. SUB-CHILLING™ can be installed either as an onboard or onshore system, depending on where the slaughtering process takes place.
Longer Shelf Life at Less Cost
Our Sub-Chilling™ systems keep products fresh and unfrozen in a subzero state without using any ice. This revolutionary technology has been rigorously tested by third-party laboratories and proven to deliver firmer product, with longer shelf life at less cost.
20% Less Transport Weight
By chilling the product to sub-zero temperatures without freezing it, the system eliminates the use of ice. This improves product quality and delivers firmer product that keeps longer. No ice means up to 20% less transport weight and significant savings on fuel and labor.
Firmer Product with Less Gaping
SUB-CHILLING™ delivers firmer product with less gaping that holds up far better during processing, resulting in better yield every step of the way. Our first-in, first-out (FIFO) process ensures that all product receives identical treatment resulting in consistently superior quality.
Unique, Patented Method
Skaginn3X was granted a patent for the sub-chilling method in 2019. Our technique is proprietary because it is unique and revolutionary. Developed for use onboard and in aquaculture, our revolutionary chilling method offers clients a quick return on investment with consistently superior product, while reducing the operation's carbon footprint.
“Sub-chilled fish is easy to process; the fillets have a firm and good appearance. Better quality of the raw material results in firm loins and less gaping.”
Gunnlaugur Sighvatsson, Production Manager, Fisk Seafood
We do this to ensure that our customers receive first-class quality salmon directly from our plant.”
Roy Alapnes, General Manager, Flakstadvåg Laks AS, Norway
Our experience is that SUB-CHILLING gives salmon incomparable quality.”
Matti Isohatala, Vice CEO, Hatala, Finland
At Grieg Seafood we strive to be pioneers in implementation of new and progressive technology.  Our latest investment in Sub-Chilling™ is a great way for us to meet our goals to provide our customers with the highest quality possible, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint
Stine Torheim, Plant Manager, Grieg Seafood, Norway
For us at Ice Fish Farm, the game-changer was the SUB-CHILLING ™ solution from Skaginn 3X, which has allowed us to constantly deliver premium quality with an extended shelf-life of up to seven days.”
Guðmundur Gíslason, CEO, Ice Fish Farm
Expectations on increased qualities of the catch with this new method have been right and therefore the purchase of the equipment for Drangey is a logical progression
Jón Eðvald Friðriksson, CEO, Fisk Seafood, Iceland
This new revolutionary processing deck has increased the capacity and eliminated all heavy work for the crew. The Sub-chilling system exceeds all my expectations
Björn Jónasson, Captain of Málmey, Fisk Seafood, Iceland
Sub-Chilled Fish Stays Fresh and Unfrozen in a Sub-Zero State
The concept of SUB-CHILLING™ is to chill the fish down below freezing point of water, where the core temperature of the fish gets close to -1.5°C/29.5°F in only one hour (depending on species). Although the temperature of the fish is below the freezing point of water, the fish remains fresh and unfrozen in a subzero state.
The Fish Itself Becomes the Cooling Refrigerant
SUB-CHILLING™ fresh fish can extend product shelf life by up to 7 days. Skaginn 3X’s method controls the crucial factors of sub-chilling perfectly: time, temperature and salinity. The fish itself becomes the cooling refrigerant. This eliminates the need to use ice to store and chill the product.
Improved Yield and Cooking Quality
The overall quality of the fish increases significantly. Optimized quality, as confirmed by third-party laboratory testing, includes improved texture and lower microbial counts, with fetches higher market prices. Processing yield and cooking yield is improved compared to traditional cold handling.
Sub-Traction Comparison: Traditional vs. SUB-CHILLING™
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Lower CO
Reduced Transportation Costs
Our Sub-Chilling™ system offers considerable return on investment (ROI) in the form of higher product prices and reduced transportation costs. Chilling product by Sub-Chilling™ rather than by producing flake ice is a far less energy-intensive process.
Eco-Friendly Technology
  • By eliminating ice from transportation, each box can carry more fish
  • Better use of air freight with fewer aircraft partly full of ice
  • By increasing shelf life, the fish can be transported in more environmentally friendly ways such as by cargo ships
  • With increased shelf life the likelihood of consumption increases resulting in less food waste
  • Less energy use compared with traditional chilling methods
Shipment by sea now a real possibility
Extended shelf-life makes it possible to use more environmentally friendly transport. No ice means more actual product is shipped, by whatever means. Yet, air freight is way more expensive than the same volume of sea freight. With shipment by sea now a possibility, transport cost can be reduced significantly. You can minimize the carbon footprint while saving in shipping costs, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.  

Similation of 3.000km transport via air or ship:
Research and Development
Rigorous Research
The R&D work of Skaginn 3X and Matís, The Icelandic Food and Biotech Public Research Institute has led to patented technology that dictates best practices in chilling. It demonstrates how the process can be industrialized in a practical way involving computer-controlled exposure times in cooling tanks of different temperatures and the control of the circulation of water.
“Our research demonstrates that quality of sub-chilled salmon fillets is higher than traditional fillets, both firmer and with less gaping. Sub-Chilled fish resists better all further processing, such as heading, filleting, trimming, cutting and packing and the shelf life can be extended substantially.”
Gunnar Thordarson M.Sc., Regional Manager and Sigurjon Arason M. Sc., Chief, Engineer Matís Ltd - Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D
We can almost eliminate the use of ice in our boxes. Water drainage from transport lorries caused by melted ice is eliminated with SUB-CHILLING™ as this cooling method requires no ice during transport
Kjell Inge Eide, General Manager, Sotra Fiskeindustri, Norway
We slaughter salmon for Austfjörður's fish farming and with Sub-Chilling™ we ensure the best possible quality of products. We also achieve economies of transport as well as maintaining the quality and durability of the product
Elís Grétarsson, Managing Director, Búlandstindur, Iceland
SUB-CHILLING has helped us lower our transportation cost and ensure constant superior quality
Víkingur Gunnarsson, Arnarlax, Iceland
By extending the product shelf life with SUB-CHILLING, we can now enter distant markets, which was not an option in the past
Stine Torheim, Plant Manager, Grieg Seafood, Alta, Norway
We are both happy and proud to welcome this magnificent fresh fish trawler, Engey RE 91, one of the most technologically advanced fishing vessels in Iceland. [...]Two more fresh fish trawlers, Akurey and Viðey, [...] will be equipped with the same advanced technology as Engey
Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, CEO, HB Grandi, Iceland
Sub-chilled fish is easy to process; the fillets have a firm and good appearance. Better quality of the raw material results in firm loins and less gaping
Gunnlaugur Sighvatsson, Production Manager, Fisk Seafood, Iceland
“In many ways, ice has had its time. SUB-CHILLING™ offers progressive fishing companies the opportunity to take a big step forward by enabling them to eliminate all the effort, energy and expense that goes into ice production from their operations.”
Ragnar Arnbjörn Guðmundsson, Skaginn 3X
research results
Fillet Quality
Sub-chilled cod vs traditionally chilled cod as tested by Matís  

The quality of cod fillets as tested by Matís, right after a four day fishing trip, by measuring color, gaping and texture. Sub-Chilled cod is firmer and has far less gaping than traditionally chilled fish.
Bacterial Count
Black colonies in the days after slaughtering.

Based on bacterial and quality test, the extended rigor period and slower bacteria growth result in extended shelf life.
Yield Comparison
Sub-chilled cod compared to traditionally chilled cod during processing, as tested by Matís.
Sub-Chilled cod is stronger and firmer than traditionally chilled cod. The result is a better yield through heading, filleting and skinning. After trimming, fillets are firmer and better suited to water jet cutting.
“Research shows that the texture strength of sub-chilled fish results in higher cooking yield, it tastes better and retains natural flavors.”
Gunnar Þórðarson, Regional Manager, Matis
“Grieg Seafood's latest investment in Sub-Chilling™ is a great way for us to meet our goals to provide our customers with the highest quality possible, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint.”
Stine Torheim, Plant Manager, Grieg Seafood, Norway
The SUB-CHILLING™ system is based on our own RoteX™ technology, a design based on an auger tank with patented side injection that circulates chilled water from heat exchangers.

The tank' s design guarantees that all fish receive the exact same treatment, with complete control of timing and temperature from beginning to end.
Go Ice Free
with sub-chilling™