For Better Farmed Fish Quality
Sub-zero chilling without ice improves yield, quality and shelf-life

A New Way to Preserve Farmed Fish

The Fish Is the Cooling Refrigerant
The SUB-CHILLING™ process treats the fish far better than traditional ice chilling. In SUB-CHILLING™, the cooling is moved into the fish itself without freezing it. Although the temperature of the fish is below the freezing point of water, the fish remains fresh and unfrozen in a subzero state. With this new method, the fish itself becomes the cooling refrigerant.
Extends Shelf Life up to 7 Days
This revolutionary method of sub-zero chilling can extend shelf-life up to 7 days, requiring no ice during slaughtering and transport. Ergonomic and sustainable, SUB-CHILLING™ uses less resources to preserve quality and deliver better farm-raised fish into production. For end consumer and sellers alike, this means less wastefood and better utilization of the earth’s resources.
For All Farmed Fish
Suitable for farmed fish species like salmon, seabass, seabream, shrimp, tilapia and trout, Skaginn 3X’s SUB-CHILLING™ technology benefits the whole value chain from harvesting to consumer.
Improved Pin-Boning Yield
With SUB-CHILLING™, harvested fish is easier to process and offers better production yield at the processing site. As the product is kept at a sub-zero temperature throughout chilling, the fish is firmer, shows lower bacterial count and maintains its quality better during pin-boning.
We do this to ensure that our customers receive first-class quality salmon directly from our plant.”
Roy Alapnes, General Manager, Flakstadvåg Laks AS, Norway
Our experience is that SUB-CHILLING gives salmon incomparable quality.”
Matti Isohatala, Vice CEO, Hatala, Finland
At Grieg Seafood we strive to be pioneers in implementation of new and progressive technology.  Our latest investment in Sub-Chilling™ is a great way for us to meet our goals to provide our customers with the highest quality possible, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint
Stine Torheim, Plant Manager, Grieg Seafood, Norway
For us at Ice Fish Farm, the game-changer was the SUB-CHILLING ™ solution from Skaginn 3X, which has allowed us to constantly deliver premium quality with an extended shelf-life of up to seven days.”
Guðmundur Gíslason, CEO, Ice Fish Farm
For Every Stage of Preservation
Ideal as a Pre-Freezing Treatment or a Post-Thawing Application
The Sub-chilling technology is versatile and can be used for different purposes. Fish can be sub-chilled to keep it fresh during transport, to prepare it for better freezing and to maintain quality after thawing. Sub-chilled fish is evenly chilled and maintains a cold core temperature that enhances product quality in the freezing process.
Keep the Quality Of Defrosted Fish Up To Par
Maintaining the highest quality of salmon after defrosting is now a possibility with sub-chilling. The method helps maintain the elasticity of this valuable product after thawing, even with high fat and omega 3 content.
Thawed Fish Can Be Kept Fresh Longer
Thawed salmon can go straight from sub-chilling into production, as effective stream cooling during the process eliminates the need for tubs. Thawed fish can be kept fresh longer with sub-chilling after the thawing process.
20% less transport weight
View the Sub-Chilling system at Arnarlax, the largest farmer and producer of Icelandic salmon.
“SUB-CHILLING has helped us lower our transportation cost and ensure constant superior quality.”
Víkingur Gunnarsson, Arnarlax, Iceland
Complete Farmed-Fish
Designed for fish farming companies, slaughterhouses as well as primary and secondary processors, the SUB-CHILLING™ technology offers benefits for every step of the chilling, freezing and thawing chain.

Skaginn 3X’s a complete processing, chilling, freezing and defrosting solutions operate with less labor, minimize energy expenditure and increase efficiency while maintaining product quality for longer.
RoteX™ Aquaculture
The SUB-CHILLING™ system is based on our own RoteX™ technology, a design based on an auger tank with patented side injection that circulates chilled water from heat exchangers. The tank's design guarantees that all fish receive the exact same treatment, with complete control of timing and temperature from beginning to end.
Brochures and reports
“Our research demonstrates that quality of sub-chilled salmon fillets is higher than traditional fillets, both firmer and with less gaping. Sub-Chilled fish resists better all further processing, such as heading, filleting, trimming, cutting and packing and the shelf life can be extended substantially.”
Gunnar Thordarson M.Sc., Regional Manager
Sigurjon Arason M. Sc., Chief Engineer
Matís Ltd - Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D
Fillet Quality
Quality test: Best possible score is 0, worst score is 2 for inelastic and softness and 5 for gaping.

Bacterial Count
Black colony test: Extended shelf life 4-6 days. Based on bacterial and quality test.
Yield Comparison
SUB-CHILLING™ delivers better yield after filleting and c-trim.
Minimize Food Waste
Storing sub-chilled fish in optimal conditions enables sellers to stock the fish for longer, extending shelf life and purchasing opportunities. This can significantly counteract food waste and support better utilization of resources.
Sustainable Chilling
SUB-CHILLING™ has the same benefits for tilapia, seabream and seabass as earlier experience with Atlantic cod and salmon has shown.
“Our experience is that SUB-CHILLING gives salmon incomparable quality.”
Matti Isohatala, Vice CEO, Hatala, Finland
Go Ice Free
with sub-chilling™