April 26, 2017

Skaginn 3X sells Sub-Chilling™ system to FISK

Skaginn 3X signed the contract on 25th April 2017 to provide processing deck equipment for a new fish trawler Drangey SK2 put to sea last week in Turkey.

Skaginn 3X and Fisk Seafood signed a contract on the Brussels Seafood Show on 25th April 2017 on processing deck equipment which Fisk Seafood has acquired for its new fish trawler Drangey SK2. Drangey was put to sea last week in Turkey and is expected in Iceland later this summer.

The processing deck equipment is based on the revolutionary Sub-Chilling™ system which has been designed, developed and built by Skaginn 3X, in collaboration with Fisk Seafood. The equipment was first installed in Málmey SK1 two years ago. Since then Málmey has fished 17.000 ton. The Sub-Chilling™ system is a new chilling method that chills the fish down below to it's freezing point without freezing it and makes it possible to store the fish in tubs without using ice which allows more fish in each tub and better quality of end products.

The filling of tubs up on the deck and automatic transportation down to the fish-hold in Drangey is similar to the one which has been installed in the new fishing trawler Engey RE91 and provides a healthier working environment for the crew as well as an increase in the ship's capacity and product yield. The system also increases processing system automation and traces the fish throughout each step of the process, up until it is unloaded.

Jón Eðvald Friðriksson, CEO of Fisk Seafood, says the equipment, which has been designed and developed in a cooperation between the two companies, has been been a huge success since it was installed in Málmey. ,,Expectations on increased qualities of the catch with this new method have been right and therefor the  purchase on the equipment for Drangey logical progression.” 

Ingólfur Árnason, Managing Director of Skaginn 3X, says the contract with Fisk Seafood is very pleasant specially as it the second successful contract between the companies. ,,The producer can not get a better acknowledgment than a happy client which comes back to do business. The cooperation in new product development of the two companies has been a huge success and this contract confirms that.”

‍Ingólfur Árnarson CEO of Skaginn 3X and Jón Eðvald Friðriksson CEO of FISK Seafood signing the contract.
‍Ingólfur Árnarson CEO of Skaginn 3X and Jón Eðvald Friðriksson CEO of FISK Seafood signing the contract.

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