Turnkey Solutions for Pelagic - Onshore

Fully Automatic

From receiving to packing and palletizing. 

Short Processing Time

Sorted and fully processed in shortest time possible.

High Quality

The fast processing time and freezing the product with non-pressure plate freezers ensures highest product quality. 

High Capacity

Up to 1,000 tons per 24 hours in only 3,000 m2 of floor space.

Automatic Quality Control

Identifies damaged individuals and unwanted species with full product traceability.

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Skaginn 3X is your ideal partner for designing and producing automatic turnkey solutions for pelagic processing plants, with a incomparable level of automation. Our team of innovative designers and experts in pelagic processing offers our clients the best possible solution based on their needs. We produce most of the equipment needed for an automatic turnkey solution, but our equipment can also interface with any other solution currently available. Together with our customers, we will design the best solution possible based on functionality and price range, meaning that our customer doesn’t need to decide in advance which suppliers they'll use.

Skaginn 3X is known for its automatic pelagic processing plants, and we are proud of being the producers of several of the largest refrigeration plants for pelagic fish in the world. One of out our newest installations of an automatic pelagic plant is Eskja in Eskifjordur, Iceland, which is considered to be the world’s most advanced processing plant where the entire process from receiving to packing and palletizing is fully automatic and can produce up to 1,000 tons of frozen product per 24 hours.  

Automation and Improved Quality

The main benefits of full automation for pelagic processing is the fast processing time that results in higher product quality and eliminates back-breaking work so often associated with less developed processing methods.

System Overview

When the product enters the processing facility, the it is automatically sorted by Style grader, which sorts the product mechanically based on body size/shape. After sorting the product is delivered to the QC-Vision Batcher which weighs the product into batches prior bagging machine. The newest feature of the QC-Vision Batcher is the addition of vision units that control the product flow from the grading machine and distributes the product traffic between different QC-Vision Batching stations. Furthermore, the QC-Vision Batcher works as an automatic quality control unit, as it inspects and records each individual in terms of size, species, condition and removes unwanted species or damage individuals. After the QC-Vision Batching, the products is delivered to the bagging machine, which bags the product and marks it with a printed tag to support full traceability. Next the product is delivered either into a carton or plastic trays and then transported to the freezers. The product is quickly frozen by automatic contact freezers. The main benefits of this non-pressure freezing technique is that the product is quickly frozen (3-4 hours) with low yield loss and natural visual appearance. The freezing process is fully automatic and after freezing the frozen product is delivered to the boxing machine and automatic palletizing system, which palletizes the product, wraps it in plastic and delivers the product automatically into the cold storage. As described, the system is fully automatic from receiving to packing and palletizing in cold storage. To optimize product quality, all buffers prior to packing are equipped with chilling units so the product is kept as cold as possible throughout the entire process.


  • 0.94 working hours per 1,000 kg of fully frozen product*
  • 60kW electrical usage for freezers per 1,000 kg of finished product
  • 66kW electrical usage for total factory without product freezing per 1,000 kg
  • €36 packing cost per 1,000 kg of finished product

* Working hour based on all factory employers, including cleaning time and technical service. This is based on 750 metric tons /24 hours mackerel production with a total of 30 employees.

Eskja (18 min)
Eskja (5 min)

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