October 20, 2020
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Grand opening of multi-species facility in Russia

The grand opening of the high-techmulti-species processing facility for Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin marksa milestone in the development of the fish processing industry in Kamchatka

The grand opening of the high-tech multi-species processing facility for Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin marks a milestone in the development of the fish processing industry in Kamchatka

The grand opening of Skaginn3X’s new processing facility for Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin in Russia was held on October 16th, 2020. The new facility is one of the largest fish processing projects Skaginn 3X has undertaken in Russia.

Skaginn 3X Innovative Fish Processing Technology
Designed to process multiple species, from cod fillets and salmon to squid and pelagic fish, the facility has the capacity to process up to 500 tons of products including IQF per day. In full operation, the factory it will increase the output of the company fivefold.

“We are planning to produce around 200 different types of products on the new lines,” said Sergey Borisovich Tarusov, chairman of Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin on the occasion. “These include frozen products and further processed items like preserved, canned, smoked and dried seafood. We plan to cover our current product market entirely in one place.”

Governor of Kamchatka and other guests exploring the facility.

A milestone for fisheries in Kamchatka
The grand opening marks the conclusion of a long course of planning, designing and building one of the most modern fish processing factories in the region. Supported by a new federal program in Russia, the operation is set to expand and improve economic development in the region. Skaginn 3X is proud to be a part of that milestone.

“This processing plant, and the Collective Farm Fishery in general, is the first enterprise that implements production in Kamchatka under the new government plan,” said Mr. Vladimir Solodov, Governor of Kamchatka, who attended the grand opening. “We see that the program is working, as it has supported a significant renewal of the fleet and been a serious incentive in the development of coastal fish processing.”

Russian representative presents Skaginn 3X’s gift
Skaginn 3X’s representative in Russia, Valeriy Akbashev presented chairman Tarusov, with a grand opening gift from Skaginn 3X. The gift is a replica of the renowned Icelandic sculpture the Sun Voyager. “Skaginn 3X congratulates Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin on the new facility and wishes the company a prosperous future,” said Valeri Akbashev.

Record installation across time belts during Covid 19
A project of this scale requires great teamwork across companies and countries. The teams from Skaginn 3X and V.I. Lenin worked well together from the start despite the 12 hour time difference. Together they managed to finish the project on time working through the challenges of the current Covid 19 situation. Flexible and efficient communication and skilled professionals on both sides were integral to the project’s success.

“We are very happy with this milestone for our company and community,” said Tarusov. “Everyone at Lenin is very pleased with the facility and we are proud of the teamwork that made this possible.”

The team that made it happen: Jevgenij Stormur Guls, project manager, Andri Már Marteinsson, software developer, Artur Włoch in production, Tumi Þór Jóhannsson, software developer, Jón Steinar Guðlaugsson, electrical designer, Hallbjörn Líndal Viktorsson electician and Hilmar Róbert Hilmarsson electician

Continuing support
“This has been an amazing opportunity to see different teams pull together and shine,” says Jevgenij Stormur Guls, Skaginn 3X’s project manager. “For the opening we could showcase how the system works from initial catch infeed, through production and onto palletizing. It was a real pleasure to see the factory up and running after all this hard work. We will continue to monitor the operation and be on hand to support our client in the initial stages of operation.”

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