We offer a wide range of service agreements to our customer. Our goal is to be the industry’s most customer centric company with high quality standards. We offer service agreement which is tailor made for our customers’ needs and we offer spare parts and support all over the world.



You have no time for downtime. Catch avoidable problems before it causes you trouble and unexpected downtime. After the warranty expires, we can offer our customers a service contract where a specialist from Skaginn 3X schedules a visit to your site, aimed to ensure that the equipment works optimally and to reduce unexpected downtime.

This service contract includes physical inspection and routine checks on our equipment to ensure that the equipment is in line with our quality standards for optimal performance.


We are experts in providing our clients with the best processing solution available and we offer our clients advice consultancy. Our consultants have deep insight and knowledge of designing and running food processing systems in various processing environments.

Our experts are experienced in tackling different demands and challenges and have the practical know-how to solve challenges in real conditions.

Our goal is to maximize efficiency, quality and profitability for our clients by consulting them with the best and reliable advices. Please contact our services for more information or to schedule a visit from Skaginn 3X consultant.

Spare parts

Skaginn 3X offers a wide range of spare parts either as an individual parts or spare part kits that allow you to carry out planned maintenance. All the parts we recommend are high quality made to ensure our equipment's optimal performance.

We ship spare parts daily to ensure that our shipments are delivered to our clients as fast as possible.

Many of our solutions are custom made and our parts are custom made for us, making Skaginn 3X the first choice in providing you with the right parts for your solution.

Hot line

In case of unexpected downtime, we can offer our clients a hot line emergency service to respond immediately to their needs both by phone or by remotely diagnosing the equipment.

We can offer various Hot Line service based on service contract, which is customized for our clients needs. Please contact services for more information about Hot Line agreements available.

Should site attendance be required, a service specialist from Skaginn 3X or agent provided by Skaginn 3X will arrive as soon as possible.