June 9, 2020

Take No Chances With Your Fresh Fish

Keep it chilled, ice free and fresh for longer with the original, patented SUB-CHILLING™ technology. Innovation is the foundation of Skaginn 3X.

Do You Want To Roll The Dice?

Take no chances with your fresh fish. Keep it chilled, ice free and fresh for longer with the original, patented SUB-CHILLING™ technology.

Innovation is the foundation of Skaginn 3X. From the start of all three companies that became what is Skaginn 3X today, invention and the development of innovative solutions to solve different processing challenges have been the driving force behind the operation. Today, our research and development team is not only looking at current processing challenges but paving the way for new, revolutionary methods of processing that help improve throughput, quality and yield in different steps of the value chain.

The customer is always right

Co-operation with our customers lies at the heart of our approach. We have partnered with different food processing companies over the years to develop and implement new solutions and pioneer new methods of processing. Our SUB-CHILLING™ technology is a good example of a revolutionary method that changes the way fish can be chilled, preserved and transported. Our patented technology is designed to chill product to a sub-zero stage to preserve product quality beyond what has been possible before. As any forward thinking company, we strive to protect our intellectual property. Currently Skaginn 3X holds over 60 patents for different solutions and SUB-CHILLING™ is one of them.

Skaginn 3X SUB-CHILLING™ system

Where innovation meets experience

Creating a new way of chilling and processing sub-chilled fish is a lengthy process that involves different stages. We have been exploring alternative ways of chilling and processing fish for a long time. In 2006, Skaginn 3X received a patent for the pinbone removal and water jet cutting of fillets in an under cooled state. Fillets in an under cooled state are firmer, which calls for a new method of pinbone removal and water jet cutting that provides better cutting than conventional methods. That patent was one step in a journey that has now produced a tried and tested new method of chilling: SUB-CHILLING™.

Patent on Sub-Chilling granted in 2019  

SUB-CHILLING™ received a patent in 2019. The technique is proprietary because it is unique and revolutionary. SUB-CHILLING™ uses a patented method to keep products fresh and unfrozen in a subzero state without using any ice. This revolutionary technology has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver firmer product, with longer shelf life at less cost. Developed for use onboard and in aquaculture, our revolutionary chilling method offers clients a quick return on investment with consistently superior product, while reducing the operation's carbon footprint.

Together we can change the way fresh product is preserved

For a wealth of information on SUB-CHILLING™ click HERE

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