February 26, 2018

The fifth Sub-Chilling™ contract signed this year

Skaginn 3X and Búlandstindur slaughterhouse signed a contract for Sub-Chilling™ system at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition. This is the fifth Sub-Chilling™ contract for Skaginn 3X this year. Earlier contracts include Íslandsbleikja in Grindavík for cooling of Arctic char.   

Búlandstindur is partly owned by the Norwegian salmon producer Mid-Norsk Havbruk and their system will have the capacity of 13 tons of whole salmon per hour. The system will enable them to pack salmon at -1°C throughout the year. The start-up of the system is estimated in January 2018 and the first Sub-Chilling™ salmon from Eastfjords should enter the market in the beginning of next year.

„Nothing else could be considered “

Elís Grétarsson, managing director of Búlandstindur, said that nothing else could be considered by salmon processing companies when choosing a cold treatment.

"We slaughter salmon for Austfjörður's fish farming and with Sub-Chilling™ we ensure the best possible quality of products, thus ensuring a good position for us when offering the possibility of slaughtering too for other parties in the future.

“We also achieve economies of transport as well as the quality and durability of the product,” he said.

Bright future for Sub-Chilling™

R&D Manager of Skaginn 3X, Albert Hognason expects a continued increase in sales of the Sub-Chilling™ system in coming months.

He emphasized: "Sub-Chilling has been proven in the market this year, and I am convinced that more contracts will be signed in the months to come.”

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