March 14, 2017

Málmey landed most fish in Iceland in 2016.

Málmey SK-1 landed 8.550 tonnes of fresh groundfish without using any ice - the highest quantity and highest average quantity per landing in Iceland for 2016.

Málmey SK-1, the first fresh fish trawler to install Sub-Chilling™ onboard system landed the highest quantity of fresh groundfish in Iceland for 2016. Without using any ice, Málmey landed in total 8.550 tonnes in 2016 and exceeded the next trawler on the list by over 1.000 tonnes. Furthermore, Málmey also had the highest average quantity per landing, 181 tonnes, according to Aflafréttir.

FISK Seafood invested in Sub-Chilling™ onboard system in 2014 which has proven successful in terms of efficiency and product quality. By implementing Sub-Chilling™ technology, Málmey is now able to place more fish into each tub instead of using Ice, resulting in increased fish hold capacity.

Besides Sub-Chilling™, Málmey SK-1 is also the first ship to install Vision Whole Fish Grader, which sorts and monitors the catch automatically in terms of both size and species. By using this equipment, the ship has increased its efficiency and decreased workload related to icing and sorting the catch. Similar solution is now being installed in Engey and it will soon be installed in other HB-Grandi trawlers, Akurey and Viðey later this year.

We at Skaginn3X are proud of the pioneering work of Málmey, to lead the way into the next generation of fresh fish trawlers. Congratulations FISK Seafood on the quantity record in 2016.

Málmey SK-1 landed 8.550 tonnes of fresh groundfish

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