August 18, 2022
Customer Spotlight:

A Milestone Project Onboard the BlueWild Revolution

Skaginn 3X to supply advanced onboard processing factory for Bluewild’s revolutionary new ECOFIVE trawler designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS and built by Westcon builders, Norway.

Skaginn 3X has signed a contract with BlueWild, Norway, to supply a full fish processing factory onboard the company’s innovative new trawler. The trawler is designed to deliver sustainability, quality, and efficiency on all levels. From new propeller technology and groundbreaking trawl handling, to ecofriendly catch pumping and innovative production facilities,the new trawler is set to revolutionize onboard processing with its ECOFIVE concept.

A milestone agreement for onboard factory

“The agreement marks a turning point for us,” says Ragnar A.Guðmundsson, Skaginn 3X’s Director of Sales for Scandinavia and Europe. Mr.Guðmundsson has led the project from Skaginn 3X end from the beginning. "We have worked closely with the Bluewild team for the last two years. After many meetings and researches the team effort paid off and we will deliver a new and exciting onboard processing solution that harmonizes really well with their strategy."

Reynir Ver Jónsson, sales engineer at Skaginn 3X,  Tore Roaldsnes CEO at BlueWild and Ragnar A.Guðmundsson, manager of direct sales at Skaginn 3X.

Fish processing innovation

The concept of responsible fisheries is at the core of the new project. ECOFIVE – the new and innovative concept developed by Bluewild and their partners – is designed to deliver the highest-quality products possible with reduced energy consumption. The concept is nominated for The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Award 2022.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be chosen as the fish factory supplier for such an innovative project,” says Mr. Guðmundsson. “Our onboard processing system fits incredibly well with the principle of sustainable fishing, maximum product utilization and increased product and by-product value.”

Sustainable fish processing principles in play

Catch is transferred directly into water-filled storage tanks below the waterline where it remains alive before being taken to the factory facility. Overpressure release is used to bring the live catch to Skaginn 3X's processing line on the factory floor. The turnkey processing system will process fillets, loins, center pieces, tails, and bellies from whitefish, cooked and single-frozen consumer prawns or deliver blocks of industrial shrimp for further production on land.

Top quality, from filleting to frozen product

"Our focus is on quality and maximum product utilization,” explains Guðmundsson. “This means that each and every piece offish receives top treatment throughout the process, from filleting to frozen product. In addition, the system’s full product utilization methods are designed to deliver maximum by-product value, that means every part of the fish is processed for human consumption."

Collaboration is the key to success

The ship and all of its systems are designed and built by incredibly professional teams from the Westcon shipbuilder, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS, CFlow Systems, PTG and now Skaginn 3X.  "We are honored that the customer has chosen our company for this project and very proud to be a part of this group,”says Mr. Guðmundsson. “Our experience in the Icelandic and international fish industry has allowed us to build world-class teams. Our people bring in-depth processing knowledge, extensive technical expertise, and innovative thinking to this venture.”


The BlueWild team from left to right: Frank R. Myklebust, COO, Helge Kittilsen, CCO at BlueWild, Ragnar A. Guðmundsson at Skaginn 3X, Tore Roaldsnes, CEO, and Gunnar Hessen, Project Director at BlueWild.

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