November 24, 2021
Customer Spotlight:

The Rolex of Cooling

Mowy’s factory manager dubs the RoteX Sub-chilling system the Rolex of cooling in an interview with

Mowy’s factory manager dubs the RoteX Sub-chilling system the Rolex of cooling in an interview with

Mowi, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, decided to invest in the innovative and iceless SUB-CHILLING™ system from Skaginn 3X in May 2020. Less than a year later the system was up and running in Mowi’s facility in Herøy, Norway. The facility is the largest salmon slaughterhouse to date that uses the patented cooling technology to deliver quality, freshness, and sustainability to its customers around the globe.

Making headlines, Norway’s most read aquaculture-news site recently did a feature on Mowi’s new SUB-CHILLING™ system, where factory manager Gunnar Hamarsland declared his satisfaction with the system, describing the results as fantastic: “To put it metaphorically, the tank is a RoteX, but I have named it the Rolex,” he said to journalist Steve Hernes.

Iceless sub-zero chilling with a 100 cubic meter RoteX tank

The heart of the SUB-CHILLING™ system at Mowi’s facility is a 100 cubic meter RoteX tank designed to keep fish chilled, ice-free and fresh for longer without freezing the product. Utilizing saltwater that doesn’t freeze at 0° the system turns the fish itself into the cooling refrigerant. The fish stays cool for longer without the need for ice, maintaining better product quality and extending shelf life by up to 7 days.

Shipping more products in each trailer

The lack of ice not only contributes to improved product quality but also plays an important role in improving the sustainability of large and small operations and delivering significant savings in shipping. reports that the weight of ice in a single semi-trailer can be up to 4 to 5 tons. By removing the need for ice more products can be shipped for the same price.

Scaling success to reach 100% of production

So far, Mowi has delivered over 100 tons of fish using far less ice than before to customers in Europe and Asia as part of the system’s testing phase: “Our goal is to do this on a much larger scale. So far, we have run this as separate orders, where we do our tests and measurements here, while the customer reports the status of the fish on arrival,” said production manager Tom Leirvik to, noting that so far the feedback they have received has been very positive. “The experiments we have done since March have confirmed the theory itself, that it is fully possible [to ship fresh fish without ice]. We intend to run this on 100% of our production,” added Hamarsland.

Up and running after 3 weeks

The installation took around three weeks to complete and included extensive upgrades and improvements to existing systems at the facility. A system for mixing salt and water was installed with 700 meters of stainless-steel pipes and 125 remote-controlled valves. “We worked hard for three weeks to get the system up and running. This was an important milestone for us since Mowi is a large and forward-looking company seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their operations along the way, using our SUB-CHILLING™ technology,” explains Magni Veturliðason, General Manager of Skaginn 3X AS, Norway.

Better quality with faster ROI

Skaginn 3X’s SUB-CHILLING™ system is suitable for a range of applications both onboard and on-land and can be configured for a wide variety of species. Tried and tested by whitefish and salmon producers in Iceland and Norway, the system has proven to deliver quality, freshness, and a high return on investment. As the seafood industry in general and salmon in particular, continue to grow in the coming decades, SUB-CHILLING™ is set to play an important role in reducing transport costs, improving shelf life and preserving quality and leading the way to a more sustainable industry.

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