October 26, 2021
Customer Spotlight:

Freezing Cold in Hot Brazil

As Brazil’s food production industry continues to set records, demand for Skaginn 3X’s unique IQF freezers in the country grows.

As Brazil’s food production industry continues to set records, demand for Skaginn 3X’s unique IQF freezers in the country grows.

When thinking of Brazil, freezing temperatures are far from the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, as Brazil’s population grows, and its industry undergoes a rapid modernization, the need for reliable high-volume food production is on the rise. Leading fish, poultry and meat producers are now employing state-of-the-art IQF freezers from Skaginn 3X to ensure consistency, yield and throughput in their facilities while reducing losses and retaining the value of their products.

Vertically integrated operations around the world
BRF S.A., one of the largest food companies in the world, now awaits delivery of a multi-lane IQF Tunnel Freezer to its poultry production facility in Dourados, Brazil. The freezer was fabricated by Skaginn 3X in Akranes, Iceland and is now on its way across the Atlantic. The installation will be carried out by Skaginn 3X’s agents in Brazil under Icelandic supervision early this November. BRF employs over 100.000 people in its facilities in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and has over 30 brands in its portfolio.

Technology that keeps getting better
Skaginn 3X has supplied BRF with multiple IQF freezers over the years, with the largest purchase being three units with capacities ranging from three and a half to six tons per hour in 2015 for BRF’s operations in Toledo, Brazil. When Skaginn 3X announced updated versions of the already well-established IQF Tunnel Freezers, BRF immediately reached out, eager to put the new multi-lane model through the paces.

The new freezer is equipped with three separate full freezing and crust freezing belts with a throughput of up to six tons per hour. With up to 40% faster crust freezing, Skaginn 3X’s IQF Tunnel Freezer delivers top-quality output with a small footprint and high energy efficiency. A similar IQF tunnel freezer has also been delivered to BRF in Abu Dhabi where it awaits installation.

Fit for fish and poultry
BRF is not the only customer in Brazil that has been impressed with Skaginn 3X’s freezing technology and equipment whose flexibility and output quality make it the best choice for a wide range of applications. C.Vale is a respected pork, poultry and tilapia producer in the Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná region where aquaculture is a growing industry. C.Vale acquired its first Skaginn 3X IQF Tunnel Freezer for its tilapia processing facility in 2018. Pleased with both product quality and operational stability, C.Vale has now taken delivery of two more IQF tunnel freezers, one each for poultry and fish and the freezers are set to be installed in late October this year.

Same core - different setups
Skaginn 3X’s IQF Tunnel Freezing technology is suitable for a range of applications, from pelagic species, groundfish and salmon to poultry, meat and a variety of seafood. At their heart, the freezers are essentially the same. Differing mostly in infeed systems and the number of lanes, C.Vale’s new freezers both deliver a throughput of 4 tons per hour. Thanks to the easy customization of Skaginn 3X freezers, each one has been designed to perfectly slot into C.Vale’s production lines. A double-lane configuration was chosen for tilapia while a triple-lane setup provides the best results for chicken production.

A robust and growing market
Skaginn 3X has developed a close relationship of collaboration with its clients in Brazil through Mauro Tiecher of Tectru Skaginn 3X’s local partner. Deliveries and installations have gone smoothly and operations have exceeded expectations. Skaginn 3X hopes to build upon this success and continue working closely with BRF and C.Vale on future projects in the region and around the world. Brazil has shown itself to be a robust and reliable market for Skaginn 3X which knows how to keep the local favorites cool.

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