February 23, 2022
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New Onboard Solution for Greenland Halibut

Fiskkaup has signed a contract with Skaginn 3X to install a processing deck for their new vessel Kristrún RE-177.

Icelandic family run fish processor Fiskkaup has signed a contract with Skaginn 3X to install an onboard processing deck for their new vessel Kristrún RE-177. The new facility is designed to process high-quality frozen Greenland halibut. The two companies have had a long-standing relationship. Skaginn 3X supplied Fiskkaup’s previous onboard system as well as equipment for their modern processing facility in Reykjavík.

Sustainable system for onboard halibut processing

The new production system from Skaginn 3X is designed with efficiency, quality raw material handling and sustainability in mind. Committed to responsible fishing in harmony with the environment, Fiskkaup has a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification as a sustainable fishery and is a part of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries consortium. Skaginn 3X developed an innovative and flexible processing deck in line with the company’s sustainability principles, emphasizing maximum raw material utilization, freshness and quality.

Back for more based on durability and reliability

“Our facilities are all first-class, and the newest technology is used to ensure constant quality all year round,” explains Ásbjörn Jónsson, CEO of Fiskkaup. “Skaginn 3X outfitted our previous vessel with an onboard system in 2012 that has operated seamlessly ever since. The reliability and efficiency of our existing solutions from Skaginn 3X was one of the reasons we decided to contact them again to install a new processing system for Kristrún RE-177.”

The new Kristrún RE-177

Maximum quality and raw material utilization is key

Fiskkaup is one of a few companies in Iceland that specializes in the fishing and processing of Greenland halibut. Their operation hinges on quality and they have mastered it well. By processing and freezing the fish at sea – when it is of the highest quality – the company is able to provide a steady supply of quality product to the Asian market. Heads and tails are also processed and frozen onboard as they also go for a robust price in the same market. Skaginn 3X’s new onboard facility is thus designed to maximize both quality and the total available catch value.

“Product quality and maximum raw material utilization are very important to us,” says Ásbjörn Jónsson, CEO of Fiskkaup. “We are supplying high-quality Greenland Halibut to the Asian market and every part of the fish counts, as demand from the market has been strong. The new system is designed to utilize the entire fish and deliver quality product.”

Close cooperation with management and crew

As a family business, with decades of experience in supplying high-quality fish products to their customers, Fiskkaup works closely with both their suppliers and their staff. The crew onboard Kristrún – led by captains Helgi Aage Torfason and Pétur Karls­son – worked closely with Skaginn 3X to create the most ergonomic layout and the most efficient production flow possible. These experienced fishermen hold the 2021 record for the largest Greenland halibut catch, netting over 2000 tons on the previous ship.

Ásbjörn Jónsson, CEO of Fiskkaup, Ingvar Vilhjálmsson, Regional Sales Manager at Skaginn 3X, Böðvar Styrmisson, Sales Engineer at Skaginn 3X, Pétur Karlsson, Kristrún's Captain, and Rafnar Hlíðberg, Ship Technical Manager.

Ergonomic system with a small footprint

“This project was a pleasure to work on as both the management of Fiskkaup and the ship’s captains and crew were involved from the start,” says Böðvar Már Styrmisson, sales engineer for the project at Skaginn 3X. “This ensured that we designed an ergonomic, efficient system based on interdisciplinary cooperation where engineering, processing, manufacturing and firsthand production experience came together to create the best system for this vessel. The guys onboard know what works and what they need and we are dedicated to deliver durable, robust systems that withstand the harsh conditions of processing at sea.”

Set to increase throughput and yield with the same manpower
The system is ergonomic and compact, utilizing space and available manpower to the max. “We are set to deliver increased throughput and better yield with the same manpower as Fiskkaup’s previous ship had,” explains Ingvar Vilhjálmsson, Skaginn 3X’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe. “Our flexibility enables us to meet diverse needs from our clients. In this case we are integrating existing pieces of heading and freezing equipment into our overall design with Skaginn3X’s buffering, grading, bleeding, cutting and packing applications.”

Offering quality production at sea

Decades of developing onboard systems in close cooperation with customers has made Skaginn 3X one of the major onboard systems suppliers in the North Atlantic. Combining fisheries experience and industry know-how with engineering ingenuity and robust mechanical design has allowed the team at Skaginn 3X to deliver production systems that suit a variety of vessels,species and production needs. The new Greenland Halibut production deck for Kristrún RE-177, is yet another onboard system the company is proud to be apart of.

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