January 21, 2022
Customer Spotlight:

New Onboard Whitefish Factory for Eskøy, Norway

Skaginn 3X installs a brand-new production deck built around the RoteXTM chilling and bleeding system that delivers superior raw material quality.

Skaginn 3X installs a brand-new production deck built around the RoteXTM chilling and bleeding system that delivers superior raw material quality.

A fully equipped new processing deck aboard former longliner, now Danish seine trawler, Valdimar H marks the latest success in the well-established relationship between Norway’s Eskøy AS and Skaginn 3X. As part of a complete rebuild of the ship, the turnkey onboard factory features a RoteX bleeding and chilling system for immediate processing, along with a full gutting, by-catch and heading line from Skaginn 3X. As a longstanding supplier to Ice Fresh Seafood, Eskøy is committed to full traceability, sustainability and maximum raw material utilization. With this installation completed in December 2021, Valdimar H is about to set sail and deliver the high-quality product Eskøy set out to achieve.

Finishing touch for the rebuilt long liner Valdimar H, now a Danish seine.

Building on 13 years of success

“We chose Skaginn 3X because of their tried and tested systems, which we have used onboard our ships since 2009,” says Hrafn Sigvaldason, CEO at Eskøy AS. “Any project involving Skaginn 3X has stood the test of time and the service has been outstanding.” For over a decade, Eskøy and Skaginn 3X have thus continued to foster their relationship, which is rooted in a shared vision: Providing customers and consumers with high-quality sustainable products while ensuring maximum efficiency and superior product handling.

The brothers Helgi Sigvaldsson and Hrafn Sigvaldsson are the co-founders of Eskøy AS

Full control over bleeding and chilling

The heart of the production deck is the highly popular RoteX Onboard bleeding and chilling solution. The high-capacity system provides complete control of the process with integrated software for time and temperature management. This guarantees that every single fish receives exactly the same level of treatment so that excellent fillet quality can be achieved.

Better handling, faster processing

“What we are looking to achieve with this investment is fast and effective bleeding and chilling of the catch, along with an excellent production flow without having to drop or lift the fish,” says Hrafn Sigvaldason. “This solution thus provides much better handling while allowing us to process the fish faster, something that will pay dividends down the line.”

High throughput and efficient by-catch handling

Once the catch has been bled and chilled in the RoteX, it enters the production line where the primary catch of cod and haddock is sent on to gutting and heading before entering the hold. By-catch is kept chilled in tubs and processed later, allowing for flexibility and prioritization in production. Two BAADER IS 034 Round-Cut Heading Machines significantly improve throughput, as well as offering the additional option of packing whole fish onboard.

The RoteX™ Onboard System designed specifically for Eskøy AS.

Better quality, longer shelf life with Sub-Chilling

Research has shown that rapid chilling during the initial stages of processing results in an extended rigor mortis period that increases the overall quality and shelf life of the product. Longer and consistent shelf life creates favorable opportunities in logistics as well as considerable savings, something Skaginn 3X has sought to capitalize on in its design. Eskøy’s new production deck was planned with expansion in mind. Down the line, the RoteX system can be fitted with Skaginn 3X’s Sub-Chilling technology, which can further improve the quality and handling of the catch. For Eskøy this is a key factor in expanding their business in the future.

Precision automation and quality control

Ragnar A. Guðmundsson, Director of Sales Operations in Scandinavia and Europe at Skaginn 3X considers this project as yet another success. “Working with Eskøy for the last decade has been a pleasure. Hrafn and I share the background of growing up in a small fishing village and being around fishing and fish processing our whole lives. We have been able to build upon this to communicate clearly and collaborate on numerous projects with remarkable results. They have sought us out for the precision automation and quality control that we pack into a small footprint for our onboard equipment and the service we have delivered,” explains Ragnar.

Ragnar A. Guðmundsson, Director of Sales Operations in Scandinavia and Europe at Aqua Nor.

Sub-Chilling for Noruega in the North Sea

“As more producers set their sights on shorter production time and superior catch handling, we have seen our onboard operations grow significantly with several successful projects installed, planned and underway,” says Ragnar. “Another exciting project in Scandinavia at the moment is Noruega’s trawler Havfjord, which is being built at the Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen, Denmark. We are supplying them with a Sub-Chilling system that will keep the North Sea catch as fresh as can be and guarantee the absolute best results.”

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