January 10, 2020
Customer Spotlight:

Norway's Flakstadvåg Laks Invests in SUB-CHILLING™

Skaginn 3X has been contracted by Norway's Flakstadvåg Laks AS to supply a SUB-CHILLING™ system, which will enable the salmon farmer to bring fish of the highest quality to market.

Norwegian salmon farmer Flakstadvåg Laks, located in Senja, has chosen Skaginn 3X to supply a SUB-CHILLING™ system.

The patented SUB CHILLING™ technology, cools the salmon down to -1.2°C, which guarantees a longer shelf life and stronger, firmer fillets (less rigor). This process eliminates the use of ice, making it both an economically and environmentally sound choice when it comes to cooling product.

SUB-CHILLED salmon exhibits less gaping, firmer texture and extended shelf life.

In addition to the new SUB-CHILLING™ system, Skaginn 3X has also been enlisted to update Flakstadvåg’s existing bleeding tank and install a manual gutting line and conveyors.

This new addition will put Flakstadvåg Laks at the forefront when it comes to maintaining the superior quality of the salmon they deliver to market,

“We do this to ensure that our customers receive first-class quality salmon directly from our plant.” says Roy Alapnes general manager of Flakstadvåg Laks AS.

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