January 22, 2021

The Flexibility to Freeze and Re-Fresh

Skaginn 3X assists fish processors tackle the Covid 19 pandemic challenges of getting product to market with flexible freezing and thawing systems that offer improved yield and a fast payback.

Skaginn 3X assists fish processors tackle the Covid 19 pandemic  challenges of getting product to market with flexible freezing and thawing systems that offer improved yield and a fast payback.

As Covid continues to affect the food value chain, fisheries, food processors and retailers across the globe have had to react to an unprecedented situation that has left some in the lurch and others in an even stronger position than before. Traditionally the ones who have chosen to be on the frozen food market do so to ensure a steady supply of wild caught fish and seafood year-round to a specific market. Current circumstances have compelled more fresh fish processors to add a freezing option to their operation. Others have added thawing systems to deal with logistics challenges and unprecedented amounts of frozen stock that they need to store and then process when market conditions are more favorable.

Flexibility in freezing and quality re-freshing
“The pandemic has now been with us for almost a year and we have seen an increase in freezing and thawing as companies around the globe have reacted to a new reality,” explains Ágúst Grétar Ágústsson, Skaginn 3X’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe. “They want the flexibility that freezing offers to keep stock from deteriorating and losing its value. They need to be able to preserve the freshness and quality of their product and re-fresh it in a manner that maximizes yield. We’ve been in a great position to assist our clients with advanced, innovative freezing and thawing systems that offer complete control of the thawing process.”

Keeping stock quality intact for large international players
Skaginn 3X has recently supplied its sophisticated systems to large players in the market; from some of the largest primary fish processors in the world to nationwide UK retailers. “Our freezing and thawing systems provide unprecedented quality control when freezing and re-freshing frozen product, “ says Arnþór Halldórsson, Regional Sales Manager for Skaginn 3X. “Our thawing system is one of the few – if not the only – system out there that offers full temperature and time control. It makes it easier for fish processors operating in the current environment to manage their inventory, thaw fish fast on-demand and meet the needs of a completely changed market.”

Better yield and a faster payback
Skaginn 3X’s advanced thawing solutions offer up to 4% better material yield and higher quality than traditional thawing systems. “The higher yield results in very short payback time, often less than one year for high volume systems,” Arnþór explains. “The short payback time, coupled with more efficient energy use and less water usage,provides for superior economic results compared to traditional thawing systems. This certainly compensates for the economic hardship that businesses have faced because of the pandemic.”

Higher quality with digital control
Full temperature and timing management is built into the computer-controlled system. Low temperature thawing decreases the risk of bacterial growth and surface damage to the product. After thawing, the product can be sub-chilled so that the best possible raw material quality is achieved. The difference – perceived or real – between fresh and frozen can been greatly reduced by using both the right methods and the right equipment.

Continuous thawing process
The Skaginn 3X’s two stage thawing system offers processors the unique solution to thaw and process fish in a continuous flow. This eliminates the need to store fish in totes that often take up considerable space. To further enhance the thawing process, Skaginn 3X offers the SplitX,  an efficient fish block separator that gently separates frozen blocks of fish before thawing. Fish is automatically transferred  from the SplitX to the RoteX thawing system where it is thawed at low temperatures and kept cold while it equalizes. The equipment offers a flawless process that provides a consistent high-quality re-freshed product that is ready for immediate downstream processing.

Gentle product treatment and short thawing time
The gentle treatment of frozen raw material is crucial to maintaining quality. Skaginn 3X’s SplitX is an innovative, frozen block separator that protects the product in this critical step of the thawing process. The robust, efficient design and gentle product handling helps reduce thawing time. Less thawing time secures product quality and increases efficiency.

Inventory management for timely market entry
“While the current circumstances are uncertain, one thing is for sure: We all need to eat healthy. Seafood processors have developed “direct-to-consumer” offerings in record time. These are designed to offer people consistent supply of wholesome,healthy seafood via e-commerce. Skaginn 3X is here to assist them in their efforts,” says Arnþór. “With our  innovative equipment, as well as our freezing and thawing expertise, they are able to preserve their inventory, extend shelf life and distribute the right product at the right time to the consumer.”

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