April 14, 2020

Skaginn 3X Launches SplitX™ Frozen Block Separator

Skaginn 3X announces the launch of frozen block separator SplitX™ which is designed to separate blocks of ground fish, salmon and trout.

We recently launched SplitX™, a frozen block separator designed to separate frozen blocks of ground fish, salmon and trout.

Easily Adjustable

SplitX™ can be easily adjusted for different product types and is suitable for blocks up to 1 meter long, 60 cm wide and 12 cm thick. With a throughput of 4 blocks per minute, changing between block heights is easy and takes just five minutes using simple tools. 

Gentle Product Handling

Gentle product handling is integral to the design of the SplitX™, as each block type is separated with the right pressure. The air cylinders generate a force of about 700 kg each at an air pressure 6 bar. A pressure regulator inside the machine allows for pressure adjustment if soft or delicate product is used.

Ideal Add-On to RoteX™ Thawing

SplitX™ can be sold as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to the RoteX™ Thawing System, speeding the thawing process up considerably.

For more information about SplitX please contact:

Ragnar A. Gudmundson

Director of Sales Operations - Europe

Mobile: +354 863 2052

E-mail: ragnara@skaginn3x.com

Teams: ragnara@skaginn3x.com

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