April 30, 2018

Our events at Seafood Expo Global 2018

Explore our fish processing technologies and learn about our ground-breaking packing solutions

With several highly-anticipated events, the Skaginn 3X booth located in Hall 4 – booth 6127 is a must for visitors.

Join us for our exciting events:

  • A virtual reality tour of Vardin, the world’s most-automated pelagic fish processing plant in the Faroe Islands Available to experience throughout the conference
  • A presentation guiding guests through Vardin, the world’s most automated pelagic plant, outfitted by Skaginn 3X - with refreshments April 25 at 15:00
  • Skaginn 3X will proudly introduce VersaPack™—a new market-driven packing solution that offers both ground-breaking flexibility and total efficiency in palletization April 26 at 14:00

Skaginn 3X will be showcasing the latest in turnkey solutions for pelagic fish processing and we look forward to welcoming fishing industry professionals from around the globe.

To discuss how our turnkey solutions can improve your business and productivity during the Seafood Expo Global, please click here to schedule a meeting.

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