SEASCANN is a cutting-edge onboard solution which creates a digital record of a vessel’s catch as an integrated part of the grading process.

The need for fast and accurate onboard grading is apparent, as onboard processing often forms a bottleneck with traditional manual or semi-automatic grading. This bottleneck often means that product quality suffers, with otherwise viable product being discarded.

Alternatively, grading accuracy is sometimes sacrificed to curtail processing delays, but this creates its own problems down the line. Either way, this dilemma results in substantial losses for the industry.

SEASCANN not only preserves the product quality for producers and helps regulate vessels to prevent overfishing in the industry before it happens, but also creates operational savings for its users.

The need for this kind of innovation and the value it brings to the industry was recognized by the European Commission when it awarded Skaginn 3X financial backing through the Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

The solution has currently been integrated onboard five vessels in Iceland as part of a pilot project.

SEASCANN Technology

The SEASCANN project is based on innovative computer visioning and grading technology. This rapid and highly accurate automated process means that grading is rarely if ever a limiting factor in processing.

The computer visioning technology behind SEASCANN requires no operator and is able to analyze fish for size, color, quality and species with high accuracy.

The system creates a digital record stored in a cloud-based communication system, making real-time data available to a number of interested parties at once, including fisheries, land operators, processors and the authorities.

The technology not only improves onboard processing efficiency, but also streamlines communications between onboard and onshore personnel.

An EU-funded Horizon 2020 Project

SEASCANN was selected by the European Commission as a Horizon 2020 SME (small and medium enterprise) instrument project, meaning the commission deemed the project a valuable contribution to the future of the European fishing industry.

What is the aim of the Horizon 2020 - SEASCANN Project?

The SEASCANN program supports sustainable fishing by improving and modernizing fishing regulation. The program ensures traceability and accountability in a digital format that is available in real time and fully searchable and archivable by creating a detailed digital record of every catch.

At the same time, SEASCANN supports enterprises in maximizing profitability by reducing sorting and overall processing time through precision automation.