Thawing Equipment for High Quality Seafood

Match the quality of fresh fish with superior re-freshed product

Thawing and Equalizing Equipment

RoteX Thawing
Rapid chilling and precision temperature controls for high quality re-freshed product.
RoteX DUAL Stage Thawing
Two stage thawing and equalizing for a continuous production of high-quality re-freshed product.
Fluid Ice System
Fresh and salted fluid ice with adjustable salinity levels and ice slurry thickness.
Automatic Tub Handling and Infeed System
Skaginn 3X automatic tub handling and in-feed systems are composed of a flexible range of cost-effective modules, from standalone machines to complete systems.

General Thawing Solutions

Match the quality of fresh fish

Our innovative, patented thawing systems are designed to deliver high quality re-freshed product that matches the quality of fresh. Ideal for IQF or block frozen groundfish, salmon and pelagic fish, the RoteX thawing and cooling equipment is fast, efficient and prevents any drip loss in the process. Optimal thawing and cooling before production offers quality that rivals that of fresh fish. In many cases, the quality of tawed fish, especially for fish that is frozen at sea within hours from catch, matches or exceeds that of fresh fish.

Efficient, patented immersion thawing process

Frozen product enters a thawing tank that has circulated water in constant slow rotation. The water in the tank is recycled through a heat exchanger which regulates the temperature in the tank and ensures that it is evenly distributed. A patented side injection of water and air provides the right amount of pressure on the product during the thawing process so individual pieces separate faster. The system’s efficient, low temperature thawing inhibits bacterial growth and increases the surface quality of the product while keeping thawing time as short as possible.

Full temperature, time and process control

Producers have full control over thawing time, water temperature, throughput per hour and energy consumption—all thanks to the software system, which precisely regulates flow and temperature. The software offers overview of the production and access to all thawing data from start to finish. All measured temperatures, process and control values are recorded and stored in the system for quality assurance purposes. The user-friendly interface and recipe system can also be accessed from any Android and iOS device.
"After we installed the RoteX Thawing system we have full control of the thawing process, giving us improved production run and product quality. It also led to considerable savings in water, electricity and labor."
Claus Christensen, Production Manager, Larsen Danish Seafood A/S
"We are very happy with the system. The installation process ran smoothly, and we are running the system daily. Now we have full control of the thawing time and temperature, and we have seen at least a 2% increase in yield."
Robert Duthie, Managing Director of Denholm Seafood Ltd.

High production yield and longer shelf life

Thawing and equalizing performed in a continuous flow using a RoteX tank for each stage delivers higher production yield and better shelf life on the refresh market. Uniform product temperature is achieved with inline thawing and cooling. The process is continuous, eliminating stagnant equalization in tubs, vats or totes and minimizing manual labor. The RoteX method of equalizing is superior to manual cooling due to better temperature control, constant water circulation and the equal treatment of every fish using the FIFO principle – First In, First Out.

Continuous production flow for high quality re-freshed fish

The RoteX Thawing system delivers fully thawed and equalized fish ready for further processing without any pause in production. This eliminates the need to store fish in vats or tubs. The fish exists the system in optimal condition—fully chilled and firm—for downstream productions such skinning, filleting and portioning.

Sustainable thawing methods for a better CO2 footprint

Water and energy savings

Our RoteX single and double stage thawing and cooling solutions offer substantial water savings compared to conventional flow-through systems. Tub thawing systems use around 5 liters of water for every kg of fish, while the RoteX Thawing™ system uses as little as 0.5 liters for every kg of defrosted fish.

Water filtering and recycling

A built-in water filtering system offers a sustainable, recycling of water that is both cost effective and environmentally sound. All thawing liquid is re-circulated through a 400 µ filtering belt that offers the collection of filtered waste for alternative processing. The main advantages of the FiltreX system include heat recycling, water reuse and the reduction of bacterial content.

Labor savings

Under normal operating conditions, the RoteX Thawing™ system requires only one operator. The ergonomic infeed design offers good working conditions with all controls at the operator’s fingertips.


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