May 14, 2018

Vísir HF purchases RoteX onboard solution.

From left to right: Óskar Óskarsson (Marel), Pétur Pálsson (Vísir), Einar Kristinsson (Navís), Kjartan Viðarsson (Vísir) og Ragnar A. Guðmundsson (Skaginn3x).


Vísir HF recently signed a contract with Skaginn 3X for a RoteX onboard solution for their ship Sighvatur GK. A grading system from Marel will also be installed aboard the vessel.

Vísir’s Sighvatur GK is the second in line of 4 planned vessels. The ship is currently undergoing some updates and maintenance in Poland but is expected to return to Iceland in mid-June, where Skaginn 3X will install the equipment on board.

“We look forward to these upcoming installations.” Says Pétur Pálsson of Vísir. “These solutions will ensure product quality and grading at sea. We have worked with both companies on past projects and we’re glad to be doing so again. Both Skaginn 3X and Marel are well established in the field and we are very happy to be able to finish these installations locally here in Iceland. “says Pétur.

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