April 16, 2018

Trimara Services UK Ltd to represent Skaginn 3X

Stewart Hawthorn, Director of Trimara, said, “we are looking forward to developing the UK market for Skaginn 3X’s innovative fish processing equipment.  With leading edge innovative equipment in the pelagic, ground fish and aquaculture sectors we will be seeking to demonstrate to customers how Skaginn 3x’s equipment will increase product quality and shelf-life and reduce costs”.

Stewart has over 30 years’ experience in the international seafood sector.  He is based in Stirling, Scotland and will be travelling extensively in the UK to meet customers and develop solutions that will deliver positive results for the users of Skaginn 3X‘s equipment. 

Smooth installations and peak product performance

Trimara’s role will be to ensure that UK seafood processors understand Skaginn 3x’s product range and to deliver a smooth installation and commissioning process that will result in the equipment supplied delivering the expected performance.

“This partnership will ensure that seafood processers in the UK have access to the very best fish processing equipment in the world and that it is successfully installed and operated.  We are really looking forward to growing Skaginn 3X’s business in this part of the world,” said Stewart.

About Trimara Services UK Ltd 

Trimara Services was established in 2016 to sell and support the AutoBoss, a reliable and automated aquaculture net washing machine that is the lowest cost net washing option in the world.  Recently Trimara was appointed as the representative for Skaginn 3X in the UK market.  Skaginn 3X’s innovative equipment improves quality and yield and reduces the cost of production for seafood processors.  Trimara brings unique products to the market and is dedicated to surprising their customers with excellence in customer service and support.

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