April 16, 2018

The Vikings are coming back to good old Norway!

Skaginn 3x AS opens in Norway

Skaginn 3x AS will officially open its doors on March 5th.

The office is based in Bodø and will be run by Magni Veturlidason, a veteran in the industry and Norwegian resident of over 30 years. “Even though we will have a desk in Bodø, we expect to visit customers. Our main place of business will be at the several locations where our customers have factories.”  says Magni Veturlidarson, CEO of Skaginn 3x AS.

Increased focus on the Norwegian market

Skaginn 3x has many valued customers in Norway. The new local office will create new opportunities and allow the firm to continue to deliver an outstanding level of service to their clients and introduce their products to new potential customers. “Having an office in Norway will further strengthen our position in Norway, the global market and extend our service to our existing and new customers.” Says Magni.

Centralised production

All installation equipment and production will still be carried out by Skaginn 3x in Iceland and the Norway office will work closely with the professionals located in the main office. “We are going to start off with one employee. Further recruitment will follow once we have established a good foundation in Norway” Says Magni. As well as having lived in Norway for the majority of his life, Magni has vast experience in the food processing industry. He previously worked for POLS of Ísafjörður’s, Norwegian office and Maritech Systems.

To learn more about Skaginn 3x AS please visit our webpage.

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