March 6, 2019

The Martha Stewart Mentality Comes to Seafood

The market has a growing appetite for high-quality, sustainably sourced seafood—especially when served up by a lifestyle guru.

Bylgja Palsdottir discusses Stewart’s new partnership with True North Seafood and consumers' growing appetite for high-quality, sustainably farmed seafood (especially when served up by a lifestyle guru).

She’s done it again. Martha Stewart has identified a remarkable opportunity, done her research, waved her magic Martha wand and laid her lucrative blessing on a business. This time it’s seafood. But not just any seafood. It’s True North, which operates a salmon farm (near Stewart’s estate in Maine) focusing on high-quality product and sustainable, environmentally responsible practices, as Undercurrent reports.

But as one of America’s most powerful tastemakers, Stewart is far more than a celebrity spokesperson. She has chosen to partner on a line of ready-to-cook products with an operation that aligns itself closely with the values that she champions: not only insisting on impeccable quality but also advocating for informed consumers and sustainable fishing practices.

Martha Stewart product line

A Win for Innovation across the Board

“Knowing where my seafood comes from is very important to me,” says Stewart, “and I’ve enjoyed and served True North Seafood to family and friends for years.” This is a huge win for a company like True North, which really shines in using innovative approaches to produce superior product in an ethical and responsible way. And now it’s certainly paying off.

When Martha Stewart gives her coveted stamp of approval, consumers listen. And it not only benefits True North. It drives the already growing interest in high-quality seafood, innovative aquaculture and sustainable practices throughout the market.

This is where Skaginn 3X sees the way forward for seafood and why we focus on innovative technology’s ability to move the industry into a more sustainably profitable future. And seeing names like Martha Stewart endorse not only this kind production but also this kind of thinking comes as a huge win.

Advocating for the Future of Seafood

“After visiting True North’s salmon farms near my Skylands home in Maine, I saw first-hand their innovative and industry leading methods of sustainable farming and fishing,” says Stewart. “Their passion for the environment and community is why they are one of North America’s largest and most trusted producers of fresh farmed and wild-caught seafood from the Gulf of Alaska to the Atlantic.”

The new line is launching now and will be featured at the Boston Seafood Show later this month. I, for one, am thrilled to see companies like True North and influential empire-builders like Martha Stewart work together on moving the industry and consumers forward in the right direction.

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