February 26, 2018

Skaginn 3X wins the Icelandic Innovation Awards.

Today Skaginn 3X was awarded with the Icelandic Innovation awards for excellent achievement in new technology in Onboard fresh fish solutions, Vision technology and Pelagic Processing plants.

The Icelandic Innovation Awards are given by Rannís (The Icelandic Center for Research), Promote Iceland, Innovation Center Iceland and Innovation foundation for companies that have shown excellence in Innovation.  The novelty of the idea as well as practical implementation are key factors in the selection criteria when one single company is awarded each year.  

Skaginn 3X has played significant role in leading the way for new technologies for the Icelandic seafood industry since 1998. One of the company main resources for the continuous development of new and innovative technologies is the close cooperation between Skaginn 3X and the Icelandic seafood industry. This cooperation has led to better processing methods and healthier working condition for workers along with better product quality.

The outstanding innovation has led to a wide range of new solutions such as: Vision technology which can automatically identify fish based on size and species and can be used for both grading and monitoring of whitefish and pelagic fish. Sub-Chilling™ a new chilling method resulting in extended shelf life and superior quality without the use of ice. The world’s first fishing boat with an un manned fish-hold. Skaginn 3X has also developed automatic turn key solutions for pelagic plants, which grades, freezes, packs and palletize the product automatically with un paralleled level of automation and improved working conditions.  

Ingolfur Arnason, CEO of Skaginn 3X received the awards at Grand Hotel today. He says that this is a great honor and a great acknowledgement for the employees of the company for their hard work on developing new and outstanding solutions for the industry “Our main guidance is to increase the value and efficiency in the seafood sector along with sustainable development for our fish stocks. This award is also a great motivation for us to continue on this track” says Ingolfur Arnason.   

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