May 5, 2021

Skaginn 3X strengthens its service offering

New service specialists join the company as both remote services and preventative service contracts become more prominent.

New service specialists join the company as both remote services and preventative service contracts become more prominent.

Following Baader's acquisition of a majority stake in Skaginn 3X, the company's service division has been significantly strengthened. Svanur Þór Sigurðsson has been hired as Skaginn 3X's new service manager and Róbert Sigfússon, who has been in charge of the service department for a long time, will take over as service specialist for the Icelandic market. The changes are a part of expanding the service operations both domestically and internationally.

Service specialists with software knowledge

"We have expanded the service department by hiring new service specialists, redefining roles within the department and adding employees with software knowledge," explains Trausti Árnason, Director of Technical Solutions at Skaginn 3X. "A stronger team with new employees is now ready to serve a larger and more diverse customer base in new markets."

Remote service, preventive maintenance and faster installation

The emphasis is on high-quality service for all of Skaginn 3X’s customers. The new team members are all experienced service specialists with years of experience working on food processing systems. The main goal of the expansion is to maintain a great service standard, speed up the installation process for customers and improve maintenance services with an emphasis on service agreements with preventive maintenance. The new team will also focus on building outstanding 24/7 remote service and supplying service products tailored to individual customer needs. This is done to maximize the utilization and value of installed systems.

A longtime leader in service management and supply

"It is a great pleasure for me to take on a new role and lead Skaginn 3X's service department on this exciting journey," says engineer Svanur Þór Sigurðsson. "I have always worked around food processing equipment and I have a lot of experience in building a strong service team in the sector. I will use that knowledge to build a reliable and stable service for Skaginn 3X's customers. The company has enormous technical knowledge and experience in the food production industry and we will continue to build on that to meet the needs of customers today. We will also continue to develop our remote service, where we see great potential in being able to respond both quickly and efficiently to service requests, regardless of place and time."

Specialist for the Icelandic market

Service specialist Róbert Sigfússon will focus on serving Icelandic customers, a group he has served for years and knows well. "I see this as an important and exciting step in strengthening the service and network for customers in Iceland," says Róbert. "With this expansion of the team and a more specific focus, we will be able to improve our response time and serve our customers even better in the future."

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