May 15, 2019

Skaginn 3X Signs Large Deal with Vísir at Brussels

Vísir has enlisted Skaginn 3X to outfit its vessel Páll Jónsson, which is currently under construction and slated for delivery in the fall.

Icelandic fisheries company Vísir has enlisted Skaginn 3X to outfit its vessel Páll Jónsson, which is currently under construction and slated for delivery in the fall. The two companies penned the agreement at a signing ceremony during Seafood Expo Global in Brussels last week.

A History of Successful Collaboration

Skaginn 3X and Vísir have had a prosperous relationship over the years, most recently outfitting Vísir’s vessel Sighvatur GK. The new onboard equipment improves all aspects of processing, from bleeding and chilling to grading and fish-hold robotics. The ship will be outfitted in collaboration with Marel, which will oversee the grading equipment among other installations.

“Skaginn 3X has partnered with Vísir on a number of projects to upgrade and develop new onboard solutions for the company over the years,” says Freysteinn Nonni Mánason, a sales manager for Skaginn 3X.

“With this project we continue to integrate our innovations including a new augur design for the RoteX™ onboard solution, which will improve bleeding outcomes,” he adds.

Unlocking the Future of Excellence

This deal demonstrates Vísir’s commitment to responsible fishing, advanced processing technology and optimizing product quality. The company already operates an advanced line-fishing fleet and this new vessel will further support Vísir’s plans to fish, process and produce products from the highest quality ingredients for a global customer base that has come to expect high standards of quality.

“The solutions onboard the Páll Jónsson have been developed in close and careful collaboration with the expert team at Skaginn 3X and supports our dedication to top quality food production,” says Pétur Hafsteinn Pálsson, CEO of Vísir.

Skaginn 3X Debuts ValuePump™ at Brussels

The team at Skaginn 3X focuses on developing technologies that improve the way processors can optimize their product quality. The fruit of that labor includes the SUB-CHILLING™ system, which eliminates the need for ice.

“This chilling technology has delivered phenomenal results and lengthened the shelf life of fresh fish by five to seven days,” says Ingólfur Árnason, CEO of Skaginn 3X.

In the wake of the SUB-CHILLING™ revolution, the team decided to continue their efforts on a new technology, which was unveiled at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this year and well received by the attendees.

A ValuePump™ system ready for delivery‍
A ValuePump™ system ready for delivery

“We call this technology the ValuePump™. There’s nothing like it on the market—no other solution with this kind of performance and functionality,” says Árnason and adds that this technology will revolutionize the industry, slashing processing times and further increasing product quality.

“While product is being conveyed from A to B in the processing chain, this technology is able to add a range of value-added processes: improving bleeding times, expediting the cooling process, washing, disinfecting, boiling and freezing. The platform is a pump, but the fluid in the system creates a range of possibilities, and can be calibrated from 80°C all the way down to 20°C and everything in between.”

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