January 9, 2018

Skaginn 3X signs with Ariztia for ConTech Freezer™

Skaginn 3X has signed a contract with Ariztia for a ConTech Freezer™ for their El Paico plant.

Ariztia is located in Melipilla, Chile and is a leading supplier of  fresh chicken and turkey products, characterized by offering healthy, light and nutritious products with superior quality.

The ConTech Freezer™ is the first of its kind to be sold by Skaginn 3X to Chile.

The freezer has the capacity of 5000kg per hour and will be used for natural as well as marinated poultry products. The patented TCAB contact belt will secure fast freezing time, scientifically reducing weight loss during freezing. Additionally, this freezing technology leaves no belt marks, preserving the natural appearance of the product.

For more information on our line of products, please contact us at: sales@skaginn3x.com

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