February 26, 2018

Skaginn 3X selected as partner for new build Pelagic Trawler

Skaginn 3X selected as partner

Earlier this month France Pelagique and Havyard Ship Technology signed a contract for a new build Pelagic trawler. Havyard has now come to an agreement with Skaginn 3X to equip the vessel with new technology for grading, packing, freezing and palletizing the products onboard the vessel.    

Bold statements  

Skaginn 3X has bold statements on their stand at Brussels Seafood Show where posters claim, “World’s most advanced pelagic plants” at the Brusssels Seafood Show 4 Stand 6127.  When asked Jon Birgir Gunnarsson from Skaginn 3X said “This is based on un paralleled level of throughput per man-hour as well as advanced technology such as a vision technology that can inspect every fish”

State of the art technology

According to the press release Skaginn 3X has been in a leading role when it comes to increasing automation and product quality on land based pelagic plants.  The task now is to bring these innovations to the onboard industry, this will include sorting the fish according to size, specie and quality with advanced vision technology as well as packing and palletizing several products simultaneously with an advanced automated system.  Product quality will be a focus on all steps including freezing the products fast without applying pressure to the products.    

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