June 28, 2017

Kråkøy Slakteri secures contract for Sub-Chilling™

Skaginn 3X has signed a contract with Kråkøy Slakteri for the provision of a Sub-Chilling™ system, expected delivery of the system is set for late 2018. The deal was signed on the 19th of June by Roger Sørgård and Thomas Williksen of Kråkøy Slakteri, together with Skaginn 3X representative Ragnar Gudmundsson (pictured). This is the second order for a Sub-Chilling™ system to be delivered to a Norwegian salmon producer this year – the first, for Grieg Seafood in Alta, was finished in April 2017. The equipment that Kråkøy has invested in will be the largest Sub-Chilling™ system ever provided by Skaginn 3X, with a capacity of up to 25 tons of salmon processed per hour.

Strong focus on quality

Kråkøy Slakteri, located in Roan in Sør-Trøndelag plays an important role in local salmon processing and the company has decided to invest in new equipment as part of their plans to increase their overall production capacity. Krakoy Slakteri slaughters salmon for companies such as Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett and their main customer is NRS. Roger Sorgård, Owner and Managing Director for Kråkøy Slakteri says that the company has a strong focus on offering their customers products with a superior and consistent quality.

“We are proud to be one of the first salmon processors to implement this new technology. Processing fish by our facilities will bring extra value for our customers in the future, where our product will a have much longer shelf life compared to traditional processors and with superior quality” says Sorgård. “For our exporters, we see that we can reduce the amount of ice, especially for fish that we send by air. We can reduce it from 3 kg per box to 0.5 kg per box which will reduce the cost of each shipment significantly”.

Improved shelf-life and lower freight costs 

The main advantage of this new technology is an added 5-7 days in shelf-life, superior product quality and the fish can be stored and transported without ice. Chilling fish by Sub-Chilling™ offers great cost reducing opportunities for salmon producers, better quality for the consumer and more sustainability for the environment through a reduced carbon footprint and with less wastage.

Thomas Williksen, Project Manager for Kråkøy Slakteri, explains the reasons for investing in Sub-Chilling™:

"We have two main reasons for the investment. The first one is that we want to give the end customers a product with higher shelf life, that will increase the value to the end user. We also want to increase the product value with Sub-Chilling™ through the significant rise in quality that it gives us."

The concept of Sub-Chilling™

Sub-Chilling™ is different to existing fish chilling technologies because it rapidly chills the fish to -1.5°C without freezing it. This new approach uses a chilling treatment in specially designed tanks equipped with patented technology developed by Skaginn 3X. 


Thomas Williksen, Project Manager from Kråkøy Slakteri.


Roger Sørgård, Managing Director for Kråkøy Slakteri.

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