December 27, 2017

Skaginn 3X provider for new Vardin Pelagic plant

The Faroese company Vardin Pelagic has chosen Skaginn 3X for an automated fish processing pelagic plant with capacity of 1300 and up to 1700 tons per day.

Skaginn 3X chosen as provider for new Vardin Pelagic plant.

  • Increased capacity at world largest pelagic factory. 
  • Unique freezing technology enables automation. 
  • Iceland’s largest contract providing seafood technology signed.

The Faroese company Vardin Pelagic has chosen the Icelandic technology company Skaginn 3X for the latest, largest and most automated pelagic plant in the World. The design allows for initial capacity of 1300 tons per day and expansion possibilities to 1700 tons per day. The factory is placed in Suduroy, Faroe Islands, where their previous plant burned down last summer.

Skaginn 3X chosen after strict comparison. 

The previous factory was supplied by Skaginn 3X in 2012, at that time the largest and most advanced processing plant in the World. After that factory tragically burnt down in June 2017, Vardin Pelagic made a detailed comparison with other solutions in the market. “It was our duty to look carefully into all options available and also listen to our customers and the Icelandic technique, provided by Skaginn 3X, was clearly the best option for us” says Bogi Jacobsen, CEO of Vardin Pelagic.

Iceland’s largest ever seafood technology contract. 

“This is the largest contract that Skaginn 3X has made and as far as I know the largest seafood contract made by an Icelandic technology company” says Ingólfur Árnason, CEO of Skaginn 3X and adds “It’s a valuable acknowledgment for the great team at Skaginn 3X that Vardin Pelagic has chosen our solution the second time and proves that our system is both innovative and reliable” says Ingólfur.

Skaginn 3X has been driving innovation in the pelagic sector, the installation of Eskja pelagic plant last year, the contract with France Pélagique for first automatic pelagic plant onboard and now Vardin are all landmarks in automation and product quality.

The new plant is a revolutionary complete solution for the pelagic industry with strong focus on environment, efficiency and product quality. “Various processing and packing possibilities are important to utilize the ocean recourses and meet the strong requirements of the market” says Ingólfur.

‍Construction of the new automatic pelagic plant.
‍Construction of the new automatic pelagic plant.

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