December 3, 2020

Serving the Icelandic Seafood Industry

Increased focus on Icelandic cooperation has led to the installation of new systems in many of the country’s largest fish processing plants.

Increased focus on Icelandic cooperation has led to the installation of new systems in many of the country’s largest fish processing plants

During the coronavirus pandemic Skaginn 3X has focused on strengthening its domestic market sales and services. We have focused on collaborating on innovative projects with our clients, an approach that has been the company’s hallmark from the start.

Samherji, Brim and other Icelandic producers add to their operations

“The Covid pandemic has been demanding for everybody but we do all we can to serve our clients through digital means and the available remote solutions,” says Ingvar Vilhjálmsson Regional Sales Manager for Europe at Skaginn 3X. “We have installed new solutions at Samherji in Dalvík and Brim in Reykjavík, and these projects went really well as well as a host of other installations around the country.”

Automatic tub washing systems, palletizing and cleaning solutions

Updating and installing new tub washing systems, palletizing solutions and in-feed systems have kept Skaginn 3X teams busy. “Our cleaning systems are in operation in most fish processing plants in Iceland,” says Ingvar. “Building on that we’ve been working with tub handling and cleaning systems as well as working on more complex projects with new and old clients that have kept developing their processing operation despite the situation, and in some cases because of it.”

Remote digital service

The company’s service department has shown flexibility and resourcefulness when it comes to servicing clients and has increased the use of remote service solutions. “Our service network is strong and we have managed to service our clients well during these times,” says Róbert Sigfússon Skaginn 3X’s Service Manager. “With good infection control measures and teamwork anything is possible. We have a remote service plan so that when we cannot be on location, we can work with local operations that serve as our eyes and hands as we fix problems through video calls.”

Róbert Sigfússon and Ingvar Vilhjálmsson
Róbert Sigfússon and Ingvar Vilhjálmsson

Flexibility in an era of uncertainty

Skaginn 3X’s practical knowledge, professional approach and resourcefulness are integral to meeting the needs of the market at times like these. Sales, production and service are all located in Iceland, allowing Skaginn 3X to offer more flexibility and quicker local response times. “The demand for increased automation and productivity has been prominent recently and we have answered that call with strong product development and flexibility in assembling new systems,” says Ingvar. “We have installed advanced full processing systems for pelagic fish that have completely revolutionized the production process both on- and off-shore.”

High-quality freezing solutions
“We have secured a strong position abroad with our freezing solutions and I see great opportunities for Icelandic fishing companies to implement them here at home,” says Ingvar. “We have high-tech IQF Tunnel Freezers combine crust and full freezing in one machine. The belt we use for crust freezing is unique. It freezes 40% faster than normal belts and is patented. Our unique sub-chilling technology has been well received and after the sale to Morrisons in Britain we see even more opportunities for supporting Icelandic fish exporters in this area.”

Collaboration with Baader
Just recently a deal was made for Baader to buy a majority share in Skaginn 3X “If Baader’s purchase goes through we see fantastic opportunities in collaborating with the company,” says Ingvar. “Baader is a leading equipment manufacturer in the fish industry with a strong global sales and service network. Together we will be able to offer high-tech solutions for fish and poultry which will be a game-changer in servicing our clients.”

Baader is well known to Icelandic fish producers, in fact, Ingvar’s grandfather owned  Ísbjörninn hf, the Icelandic company that purchased the first filleting machines from Baader in 1955, a move that permanently changed the fish processing industry in Iceland. The machines were installed at Hrólfsskálamelur in Seltjarnarnes, and in 1959 Baader founded a branch in Iceland which has been in operation ever since.

Together, Skaginn 3X and Baader will continue to grow their Icelandic operations and make the latest technology in food production readily available to clients.

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