August 30, 2018

Skaginn 3X AS opens a service office in Tromsø

Skaginn 3X AS in Norway has recently expanded by hiring a service employee that will be located in Tromsø.

Olafur NjallJakobsson previously worked for Skaginn 3X in Ísafjörður and has several years of experience under his belt. He has recently re-located to Norway to open the service office.

His knowledge of the Skaginn 3X product range and experience in setting up anything from standalone products to extensive projects for the company, made him the ideal choice.

Ólafur will assist Skaginn 3X’s existing customers with installations and service, as well as help them adapt existing solutions.

“We see many possibilities in Tromsø. The town is a prime location for our clients. With this expansion we aim  to service our onshore and offshore clients.”  Says Magni Veturliðason, CEO of Skaginn 3X AS.

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