November 29, 2019
Customer Spotlight:

Sandoy Seafood Invests in IQF from Skaginn 3X

Faroese based Sandoy Seafood has contracted Skaginn 3X to supply them with an IQF freezer for lightly salted cod.

The IQF freezer, scheduled to be installed early next year, has the capacity to freeze up to two metric tons per hour. The unit is equipped with a patented TCAB belt, which contact-freezes the product from below while the product is simultaneously crust-frozen from above by airflow. The TCAB belt also ensures extremely low yield loss. The freezer is designed to run throughout the week without the need for complete defrosting. 

Sandoy Seafood is located on the island of Sandoy in the Faroe Islands and exports mainly cod and fin fish to Europe.   

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