August 13, 2020

Our People

Our employees are the heart of the organization. In these uncertain times of Covid-19 it seems appropriate to take stock and appreciate the people around us. We caught up with Rósa, Kai and Róbert who are working hard to maintain our operations so that we may serve our customers as best we can.

Our employees are the heart of the organization. In these uncertain times of Covid-19 it seems appropriate to take stock and appreciate the people around us. We caught up with Rósa, Kai and Róbert who are working hard to maintain our operations so that we may serve our customers as best we can.

Kai Einar Jensen Bystrøm is our sales manager in Norway.

It was a great April fool’s day this year for Skaginn 3X in Norway, as Kai Einar Jensen Bystrøm started his job as the new sales manager for the Norwegian operations. No, the CEO was not being pranked. This was Kai Byström’s first day on the job and even if he has a great sense of humor, his experience in the seafood industry in no joke. With decades of experience under his belt, his expertise and knowledge are a real asset for the Norwegian operations. “I was an operations and project manager for Lerøy Norway Seafoods in Melbu, and before that I worked as marketing manager for Melbu Systems AS,” says Kai. “Today I am excited to be working at an innovative company that offers good, solid products to the fishing industry in Norway.”

Kai Einar Jensen Bystrøm

Byström started at a challenging time in the midst the Covid 19 crisis. “We are facing an enormous challenge with the Covid 19 Corona virus affecting operations for everyone,” says Kai. “But we do our best in co-operation with our customers to make things work. We are all on the same boat when it comes to this crisis and I see the innovative, flexible spirit of Skaginn 3X being able to meet the needs of our clients and accommodate them during this difficult time. ”  

Working to adjust to global changes and new circumstances means looking at the future through the lens of innovation and ingenuity. “I see Skaginn 3X manage this well,” says Kai. “Our innovative approach and the ability to put things into practice is certainly something I see as helping us help our customers through this crisis. With the future bringing even more automation into the factories I see the development of the Sub-Chilling technology as being the next big breakthrough in the seafood industry. It is set to dramatically improve product quality and extend shelf life beyond what people are used to today.”

Rósa Soffía Haraldsdóttir is our accounting and payroll agent

A personal trainer with a degree in business, Rósa Soffía loves travelling and experiencing new cultures and countries. A three week road trip around Italy last year will have to sustain her through 2020 but she has her travel plans down for 2021 in the hope that travel will be easier next year.

“I’m relatively new at Skaginn 3X but in the year and half I’ve been here I’ve been really happy with the flexibility and the diversity of my job,” says Rósa. “I am able to travel in the summer and I enjoy the great relationship I with co-workers, we always have fun at work.”

Rósa Soffía Haraldsdóttir

Discipline and dedication are not foreign to this former fitness competitor who takes on the challenges of the job with kindness and humor. “My biggest challenges are with payment collections but those usually sort themselves out with patience and consistency,” says Rósa. “Working in an international environment and across cultures suits me really well. With my business degree and my love of working with a diverse group of people it’s a fantastic opportunity to be working at a company that is innovative and has such growth potential.”

Róbert Sigfússon is our service manager

With a decade under his belt as a service manager at Skaginn 3X, Robert Sigfússon has experienced everything that can go wrong in in a client’s operation but also everything that can be done to fix it. “I am here to help. Problem solving, multi-tasking and fixing issues give me great satisfaction,” says Róbert. “My favorite part of the job is to communicate with our customers and support them in making their operation running smoothly. If there is a problem, I am here to solve it.”

His technical expertise, diplomacy and ability to listen help him succeed in his role. “Many think that it is challenging to deal with upset customers but I understand the pressure they are under when something comes up,” says Robert. “It’s my job to assist and I have yet to meet someone I cannot calm down and help solve whatever issue is on the table.”

Róbert Sigfússon

The job takes Róbert around the world and he appreciates the opportunity to be able to experience different countries and cultures. Usually things go well and he comes home happy with a job well done and a satisfied customer. Yet, travelling can always create misunderstandings of all sorts. One of the funniest moments he recalls happened on a trip to Chile. “I was on a service trip in Chile when I was pulled over by the police. Not speaking a word in Spanish, I called a local friend for translation. He spoke with them and told me that I was being arrested and would be taken to jail. I was so shocked I could not speak. Then I heard my colleague cackle manically at my stunned silence. It was just a routine traffic stop with not even a ticket issued. But for a minute there I saw myself in a foreign prison unable to communicate with anyone. “

The service operation at Skaginn 3X is expanding and the team is creating a new model that will support the service function ad enable it to grow efficiently along with the company’s other operations. “I see great opportunities in the future for Skaginn 3X,” says Robert. “After ten years here, I am still excited to be here and enjoy working on strengthening the service operation for us around the world.”

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