March 28, 2017

New Revolutionary On-Track system for small boats.

Signed new contracts with fisheries in Iceland and Norway for fish bleeding and chilling process on small boats that count every individual entering the system.

Skaginn 3X recently signed a new contract with RoteX Onboard system for two fisheries in Iceland and Norway.

RoteX™ Onboard provides complete control of the fish bleeding and chilling process for small boats and keeps count on every individual entering the system. Beside the benefits of superior bleeding and chilling, the newest addition to the system allows our customers to monitor and to collect real time data on the size and species mix of the catch. This information can be accessed online by land based facilities, allowing the land base facilities to have accurate data on the total catch, size and species mix, while the boats are still at sea.    

 “With RoteX Onboard I can be assured that all fish gets the exact same treatment for bleeding and chilling, immediately after slaughtering. This ensures good and bright colour of the fish flesh, together with longer shelf life for our fresh products. Furthermore, we at Blikaberg can better control the production flow by knowing exactly what we have in the vessel´s fish hold in terms of size and species mix. I’m looking forward to be able to monitor the fishing online and make a case for our customer that we can guarantee quality handling of the fish throughout the whole process” says Ólafur Már Sigurðsson, Production Manager at Blikaberg, but the company recently signed a contract for the new RoteX Onboard solution from Skaginn 3X. The system will be installed in a new boat built by Seigur ehf.

The Norwegian fishery Nord-Senja Fisk recently invested in the RoteX Onboard system. Due to the compact design, the system can be installed in a new boat which is only 11m long. With over 120 installations, Skaginn 3X is the leading supplier for onboard bleeding and chilling systems for all sizes, from small boats to large trawlers.    

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