June 2, 2020

New Allies in Automation in Russia and Asia

Skaginn 3X signs major pre-engineering contracts with Russian and South Korean companies that are planning to modernize and automate their fish processing for more efficiency, quality and yield.

Skaginn 3X signs major pre-engineering contracts with Russian and South Korean companies that are planning to modernize and automate their fish processing for more efficiency, quality and yield.

Modern fish processing requires automation and data processing to meet domestic and international market demands. While automated turnkey systems have been a standard for the industry in certain areas for decades, it is only now becoming a necessity for many processors in Russia and Asia.

Leading Russian fisheries partner with Skaginn 3X

Recently, leading Russian fisheries companies Magadanryba and Yuzhno-Kurilskiy Rybokombinat contracted Skaginn 3X to consult on the development of innovative solutions for the automation of their fish processing procedures. Changes in the labor market and increased demand for more efficiency and yield as well as better products are some of the factors that drive the trend towards more automation and modern updates in the sector.

L to R Valeriy Akbashev, Konstantin Korobkov (owner of YKRK), Petur Pétursson , Vladimir Borodkin (Chief Production)
From left to right: Valeriy Akbashev, Konstantin Korobkov (owner of YKRK), Pétur Pétursson, Vladimir Borodkin (Chief Production)

“With the success of our recent onshore projects for Russian fish processors JSC Gidrostroy and V.I. Lenin, we have become an important partner to many of the companies in both Russia and Asia that are seeking to automate their processes and develop new modern facilities,” says Arnar Friðrik Albertsson, Head of Sales Engineering at Skaginn 3X. “Automation, better ergonomics and faster, more efficient processing at a larger scale are all fields of expertise that Skaginn 3X has decades of experience with.”

Arnar Friðrik Arnarsson, Head of Sales Engineering at Skaginn 3X

Planning for processing success from the start

From the beginning of the development process, Skaginn 3X’s experts help create processing procedures and structures that are scalable and well thought out from the start. These are based on the latest fish processing knowledge and best practices that are adapted to each client according to their needs.

“It is important for processors to have the right advice from the start to prevent complications down the line. It is both cost effective and efficient,” explains Valeriy Akbashev, Skaginn 3X’s representative in Russia who has played a key role in promoting the services. “By signing a design contract with Skaginn 3X, companies in the seafood industry gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the development and implementation of modern, scalable processing solutions that deliver better yield, quality and throughput.”

South-Korea's most advanced seafood facility

Hyeseung Fisheries in South Korea has also contracted Skaginn 3X to assist in the development of a new fish processing factory that is set to be the most highly advanced onshore processing facility in the Region. South Korea has seen similar trends as Russia, with more companies focusing on updating and automating their processes. Increased competition on both domestic and export markets had supported the shift, as well as growth in the sector.

“The new contract with Hyeseung Fisheries promises to become an exciting project for our seafood processing experts,” says Albertsson. “This is a team that has developed and implemented some very complex turkey projects and it will be a pleasure for us to participate in the creation of such a groundbreaking facility.”

Custom fish processing based on high quality standards

These new pre-engineering contracts are all unique, requiring a customized approach and a great deal of flexibility during the design process. “Once these contracts mature into sales, the accumulated value will be well over 40 million EUR.” Says Albertsson. “The diverse backgrounds, education and experience of the tightly knit team of engineering experts is what gives Skaginn 3X the leverage needed to deliver exactly what the client needs. Whatever the challenge may be, our team works closely with the customers to produce innovative, highly automated solutions that not only help them move into to the future, but do so with confidence.”

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