May 10, 2017

Knarr Maritime New Fishing Vessels on the Horizon

Knarr Maritime unveiled at Brussels  

Knarr Maritime was officially established on the Brussels Seafood Show on 26th April 2017.  Icelandic Minister of Fisheries Ms. Thorgerdur Katrin Gunnarsdóttir unveiled the company brand name at a ceremony on Icelandic equipment stand in hall 4. The Minister said she was proud to be able to push the Knarr to sea (Knarr being a reference to the name of old Viking ships) as the initiative can even further strengthen an already important industry of high tech companies working with the Icelandic Seafood industry.       

There are new Fishing Vessels on the Horizon

Knarr Maritime is founded by Icelandic technology companies that all play a vital role in designing building and equipping Fishing Vessels based on the knowhow and technology established within the Icelandic Seafood Industry for generations.  Despite being newly established Knarr Maritime already has a strong reference with projects of the member companies.  The companies have already worked closely together on several projects, this applies to most of the new build vessels that are and will be arriving to Iceland this year.  In addition to that the companies have done a vast number of projects abroad as well.

Built on experience

“The Icelandic Seafood Industry has always been at the front row when it comes to knowledge and technology for fisheries, Knarr Maritime will not only build on that but also  enable the industry to push the boundaries even further.” says Finnbogi Jonsson Board Chairman of Knarr Maritime, Mr. Jonsson has extensive experience of various sectors of the Icelandic economy including CEO and board level positions at leading seafood companies.

Strong Team

The founding members of Knarr Maritime are, Skaginn 3X, Nautic, Frost, Brimrun, Naust Marine and Skipataekni.  The companies have complimentary skills and together they cover most aspects needed for a modern fishing vessel either themselves or with subcontractors.  Other key parts such as engines and the actual shipbuilding will be chosen in close cooperation with the buyers.  “We believe strongly in designing the ships and all the components around catching, storing and processing fish, this is the first and the last criteria we have in all design and component selection.”  Says the newly appointed Managing Director Haraldur Arnason who has decades of industry experience after having served different management and leadership roles within the international fishing gear provider Hampidjan Group.

From left: Alfreð Túliníus, Nautic; Ingólfur Árnason, Skaginn 3X; Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Icelandic Minister of Fisheries; Finnbogi Jónsson, Knarr Maritime; Haraldur Árnason, Knarr Maritime.

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