May 14, 2019

Details of SEASCANN Presented at Brussels 2019

At Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this year, the crowds were treated to new details on the exciting new EU-funded Horizon 2020 project titled SEASCANN, which is currently under development by Skaginn 3X.

SEASCANN is a revolutionary new hardware/software solution for the fishing sector that harnesses state-of-the-art automated grading and vision technology coupled with a cloud-computing platform that feeds real-time data on a vessel’s catch to a number of stakeholders—from fisheries and regulators to retailers, researchers and consumers.

At Brussels, Skaginn 3X debuted their new vision video of SEASCANN as a system that will greatly enhance the fishing industry in three keys ways: empowering sustainable fishing, empowering profitable operations and empowering informed consumers.

Skaginn 3X used the video as a springboard to introduce the attendees at Brussels to the ways in which SEASCANN and its component technologies will use the power of information to propel the fishing sector forward.

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