February 26, 2018

Customers benefit from Skaginn 3X united efforts.

Skaginn and 3X Technologies have joined forces and will from now on jointly be known as Skaginn 3X. Both companies are international players in developing food processing solution and have strong roots in the Icelandic seafood sector. Our collaboration has proved successful and we look forward to the future. There are many large and revolutionary projects ahead, which will lead the global seafood industry towards adopting new and improved processing methods.

Being united under one name helps us creating a stronger awareness about our work, provides our customer with easier access to wider and integrated product range. It also helps us to streamline our message to our customers.

This new website is informative and showcases the wide range of solutions that we have to offer. Visitors can easily navigate through our product range and solutions based on industry sector or applications. Furthermore, the new website provides a direct link from readers to our product experts.  



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