June 22, 2020

A Barrel of Benefits

Loðnuvinnslan to install Skaginn 3X’s fully automated Tub Handling and Washing System at their ground fish processing facility in Fáskrúðsfjörður, Iceland.

Loðnuvinnslan to install Skaginn 3X’s fully automated Tub Handling and Washing System at their ground fish processing facility in Fáskrúðsfjörður, Iceland.

In recent years Loðnuvinnslan (LVF) fish processor has focused on modernizing every aspect of their groundfish processing plant. It was time to update and automate their tub handling and washing process in early 2020. Skaginn 3X’s modular tub handling system became the system of choice. Installed at every major fish processing plant in Iceland, Skaginn 3X’s system has become a staple in tub management. This modular, flexible system has proven its efficiency and operational value under quite different but equally demanding conditions around the country.

A diverse operation in Fáskrúðsfjörður

Located in Fáskrúðsfjörður, Iceland, LSV harvests its own raw material and operates a fishmeal plant as well as production plants for processing whitefish, pelagic species and salted herring. LVF also operates its own freezing and cold storage with automatic ice processing. Well-equipped service units and workshops contribute to their well-maintained fleet and factories.

Automating tub handling and washing

“We have always been very keen on maintaining a professional, modern operation that utilizes the best the industry has to offer,” says Þorri Magnússon, LSV Groundfish Factory Production Manager. “The technological changes that we have implemented the last 3-5 years have really made an enormous difference in our operation, moving us to a 100% increase in productivity that has benefited both company and staff. Installing a fully automated tub handling system from Skaginn 3X will be the terrific addition to an already strong arsenal of modern operational systems that will drive our future growth.”

Supports consistent production speed

The tub infeed system automatically controls the infeed of raw material. Regulated, infeed at the start positively affects the entire production line. All subsequent stages of processing become more evenly regulated, allowing the line to operate at optimal capacity. Skaginn 3X‘s system requires less floor space in the infeed area where the tubs are stacked and handled automatically. Fast tub handling ensures that infeed is never a limiting factor for the processing line.

Ingvar Vilhjálmsson Regional Sales Manager, Skaginn 3X and Friðrik Már Guðmundsson CEO, Loðnuvinnslan

A mix and match portfolio

The modules are cost-effective and designed to be mixed to match specific requirements in different operations. “The system saves space, time and labor with an efficient design that is custom created from our tub handling and washing portfolio to perfectly suit Lodnuvinnslan’s factory space and production line,” says Ingvar Vilhjálmsson, Skaginn 3X’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe. “The modular nature of our system makes it easy to apply it to a range of operations with very different needs.”

Improved logistics and labor conditions

The new automated tub handling and washing system at LVF saves on labor costs and makes cleaning easier, both from a logistics and labor perspective. Manual handling and forklift use are all but eliminated and washing is consistent and reliable. Hygiene is improved as all tubs receive the same thorough, high standard sanitation. Empty tubs are delivered automatically from the tub tipper to the washing system, where the tubs are washed and delivered clean and ready to be used again.

Sanitary and sustainable

Sustainability is also positively affected. Sanitation materials, water temperature and water pressure are computer controlled and the tubs last longer with lesser forklift use and gentler treatment. Skaginn 3X’s Tub washing system is energy efficient. Water and energy consumption are five times lower than when using conventional high-pressure washing. Water is recycled as well, which helps reduce operational costs.

Fast ROI for an efficient and durable system.

By integrating a tub infeed and washing system, LSV is set to improve operational consistency from beginning to end. Savings in labor costs, tub maintenance costs and water and energy costs translate into fast ROI, a benefit for an already cost effective, yet efficient, robust and durable system. “Automating this process will support us in our efforts to optimize our operation and maintain the quality standards we’ve become known for,” says Friðrik Mar Guðmundsson, Managing Director of Loðnuvinnslan. “We are looking forward to partnering with Skaginn 3X on this project and hope to see the benefits in action soon.”

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